Mini Militia v3.0.47 In-App Mod Selector

Hello everyone , Today i am going to share test apk of my new concept and invention mini militia v3.0.47 In-app mod selector for android devices. Yeah, you hear right Mini Militia In-App Selector Mod 😀 you can select your mod from game and change also You don’t need any patcher or toggle mod or somthing and also no root needed to use it. i added special type of mod injection method so mods write directly in game. I hope you all like this. i will inform futher if this app is gonna be update or not. Thank You 🙂

scroll down for download links


1)Remove Old Mini Militia to install it.

2)Any Patcher Or Toggle mod will not work on it.

3)Test Apk so it would not work in some devices.

4)I Made it only to test this concept.


1) In-App Mod Selector.

2) Added Some Important Mods.

3) Work without root also.

4) Can Change Mods In-app.

Mods list:-

1) Unlocked Propack.

2) Store Item Purchased.

3) Unlimited Flying Power.

4) One Shot Kill.

5) Unlimited Ammo.

6) No Reload.

7) All Weapon Laser Sight.

8) Ios Symbol.

9) Commander in Chief Mod.

10) Speed Hack.

11) Bullet Speed Hack.

12) Range Increaser.

13) 7x Zoom For All Guns



  1. This test was superb. Actually you should create some more app like this for newer version.
    Benefits are :
    1. Need only single app
    2. No Floating window required
    3. Gives all relevant options to patch
    4. Less app space

    People really liked this app. Please release latest version of same.

  2. Works on Latest Oreo 8.1 too

  3. hmmm better floating than this as we can select and deselect a mod at the same time.use your mind

  4. Bro there is no second gun in my pocket so people say u are hack version


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