MMSuperPatcher v2.1

Mini Militia Superpatcher v2.1

I’m back again, Sorry for late release, I’m busy with exams but Your Wait is over and new patcher released With new Mods you will enjoy it and i already added surprises in app. i changed whole ui of superpatcher and patcher menu for better experience. many new features and mods added. because of compatibility issues, i made two apk. one support typical arm devices and second is for those who have problem with first apk or want to run on  bluestacks.
So Enjoy Guys 😉

  • Due to some issues You can’t connect to Google Play.
  • Any Patcher Or Toggle mod will not work on it.
  • Due to limitation on devices support it would not work in some devices.
Change Log:

Major crash fix causes by Floating icon and ad bug


1: Work on Original Playstore Apk

2: You can choose mod even playing(Its depends on device’s support).

3: One Apk For All Mods.

4: Original Game And Modded Game will separate you can create shoutcut for modded game.

5: Even Work Without Root.

6: Direct Patching.

7: Patch will apply on original(playstore) apk so No QP-Mod Server.

8: Ton of Mods Available.

9: Use Floating icon to open-close Live patcher.

10: Only Around 6 mb size.

Install Steps:

1. Install Game from Playstore

2. Open SuperPatcher.

3. Give it permissions that asked

4. Let it load and update.

5. Press First Button, it will start patched game and livepatcher

6. Select mods and it will apply without doing anything.

7. Minimise it with close button

8. If you want to stop menu click on exit icon.

9. press Close Patcher to stop patcher.


Use Blue Version first, if it not working for you or if you want to play on bluestacks then use Red Version. if both apk not support you phone then sorry bad luck.


  1. Update it...Patcher is Hanging Af and Showing Loading Servers Failed and Freezes.

  2. others users can easily recognise that i have a hack because of faster span of weapons

  3. Multiple guns spawns at the same time. There is no option to stop this. Want to play anonymously in custom lobby but gets kicked out because of this. Fix this plz. Your version 1.7 works fine but not the later released versions. Thanx

  4. The new version is hanging I can't even play one game, please fix this ASAP

  5. Yes 7th January update struck freezes please make a new.

  6. Kuldip sir I see the problem of MM super patcher 7th January update,causes by Unlimited Ammo I go to game then I select Unlimited Ammo game will be struck freezes please repair it.

  7. The game does not start it just hangs when the countdown is over or when i click survival

  8. Plz fix this whenever I play and countdown starts the app freezes and after sometime the app crashes

  9. I downloaded and used the patcher fro a long time everything was wotking fine...but when i got back after 2-3hrs later it started freexe whenever the game start timer reaches 0..i tried everything like clearing data and closing patcher and game button...crazy thing is whenever i don't select any mod it totally works fine...but if if i select even one mod it again freezes on the lobby in game starts in:0...please fix this Asap

  10. Freezes with 4.0.36 works fine with 4.0.11

  11. Game freezes after some time. also automatically turn on mods while playing. Also sometimes my bullet doesn't affect on enemy.plz fix this problem.versions before this one works better.but power melee is in this version. So fix this ASAP

  12. Not working on Oreo

  13. Please release something that works with Oreo 8.1

  14. Please create an app like "in app selector" for newest version of mini militia2 which works on every device

  15. Game freezing when me or anyone try to place a proxy bomb.

  16. Not working. My ROM is AOSP based, android 8.1

  17. Even a kid can recognise that u have mod due to faster spawning of weapons. This mod is by far your worst mod ,if such condition continues then everyone will prefer rt4u over yours ......

  18. Plzz update the mm super pacther app for mini mitlia 4.42vervion

  19. Please add new features in this game and this version is hanging.
    Please solve this problem.


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